Storage Services

Moving is enough of a hassle without worrying about where you’re going to put all of your things. This is especially true if you are downsizing, but don’t want to sell or give away items that won’t fit into your new location. Fortunately, we offer a great solution to this problem: our storage service.

Storage Options When Moving

People who are moving with Tiger Moving and Storage have more storage options than most. That’s because we offer storage to our customers, and most other moving companies do not. Even better, our storage service is only available to those who move with us – not the general public. This arrangement makes it so that the security is better at our moving and storage services than it would be with self-storage options. You also have an easy way to get your items back out of storage when the time comes – you can simply have us move them to your desired location for you.

Our units are climate controlled to ensure that your items aren’t damaged while in storage. We also use modular containers instead of a big warehouse. This further improves the safety of your things.

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Let Us Take Your Extra Items to Storage

It’s easy to set up storage at the same time as your move. Here at Tiger Moving and Storage, you can simply arrange for the space you need and then have us bring your extra items to it at the same time we set up the rest of your move. There’s no need to take your items to our facility yourself, or to come and get them when you decide that it’s time to bring them home. This makes your move seamless. The things you want to keep with you go to your new location, and your spare things go to your storage unit until the time is right.

Retrieving Items from Storage

While you can come to our facility to pick up items yourself, we help you move your unit’s contents to a new location any time you want. If you expand your home, go to a larger one, or return to your original location, just let us know. We’ll put everything that’s in your unit on one of our trucks and bring it right over.

This full-service treatment is what makes us one of the best moving and storage companies in New Jersey. We don’t leave you wondering where to put items when you downsize, or make it hard to get them back when you upsize again. Instead, we offer our storage options as part of our normal moving services. This makes everything much easier for you to deal with than it would be if you went with one of the basic storage companies.

Here’s how Tiger Moving & Storage can help you with your storage solutions:

  • Our storage facility New Jersey is only open to our moving customers – not the general public.
  • You don’t have to do it yourself when you use our storage service!
  • Our moving and storage company offers climate-controlled storage to protect your items.
  • As one of the best moving and storage companies, we will bring your items to your desired location whenever you want them.

To eliminate the need to sell or give away items that won’t fit into your new house, contact us here at Tiger Moving and Storage. We’ll be glad to show you why we’re much better than a basic do-it-yourself storage facility New Jersey.