Packing Services

Packing and Unpacking Services Make Life Easier

Here at Tiger Moving and Storage, we offer a variety of packing and unpacking services to meet your needs. This helps you make your move a smooth endeavor, reduces stress, and can even help you avoid injury.

Packing Services for Moving

Moving is a huge project, and the biggest part of it is the packing and unpacking of your items. Not only do you need to get your furniture and other large items moved; you also have to take along entire wardrobes’ worth of clothes, all of your kitchen appliances, and possibly years’ worth of other items. Packing all of this on your own will take days if you don’t have a crew working for you. Even worse, you can suffer injury from lifting or dragging heavy objects without the proper equipment or if you are not in peak physical condition.

The professionals who perform our packing and unpacking service have well-practiced methods for getting everything all together, properly boxed up, and safely put onto trucks for transport. Upon arrival at your new location, the process is done in reverse to get everything ready for use once again. This saves you time, protects your health, and eliminates stress.

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Unpacking Transported Items

You may find yourself too hurried or exhausted to unpack boxes at the other end of the journey. At Tiger Moving and Storage, we believe that your move should be as stress-free as possible from start to finish.
This is where our unpacking service comes in. Once we help you pack and move, we don’t leave you hanging with boxes to unpack. We’ll even set it all up in your home so you can put it all into use right away, and get yourself settled in your new home. Are you moving soon? Contact us to get a quote – we can take care of all of the packing and unpacking to make your life easier!

Moving Your Business

Business moves are even harder than residential ones. Lighter items like clothing are rare, but there is an abundance of heavier equipment like copiers, office phones, and furniture. Worst of all, it’s very risky to use your own employees to do this work. If their normal job doesn’t involve moving heavy items, they are likely to hurt themselves trying – and this will result in expensive worker’s compensation claims as well as possible OSHA violations.

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Our packing and unpacking business services save you from these risks, protect your expensive equipment from damage, and get you back into operation quickly. We understand that any delay in moving a business means lost money, so we work as efficiently and safely as possible.

We know moving is essentially upending your whole life, whether you’re transitioning to a new office or a new home. Here’s what we can do to make it easier:

  • Our packing and unpacking services are efficient and safe solutions for both business and residential moves.
  • Our team of experienced packers makes the moving transition much less stressful by saving you the time and labor of packing all your items.
  • Using an unpacking service will save you from the work of finishing moving jobs that turned out to be bigger than you expected. We always remove boxes same-day, so your move is concise and clean.

Whether you want to move the contents of your entire home or office, or just have them brought in from a nearby location, fill out our form here at Tiger Moving and Storage. We’ll be glad to take the labor out of your project.