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Moving Services

Whether you’re moving across town, across the state, or into an entirely new state, the process is much easier when you have the best New Jersey movers doing the work of transporting your things for you. You won’t have to worry about renting, loading, or unloading a truck. If you choose our top-level service, you won’t even have to worry about packing and unpacking your things! Here are some of the services you can look forward to when you work with us,  Tiger Moving & Storage, NJ movers:

Short-Distance Moves

In short-distance moves, the biggest part of the job isn’t the driving. Instead, it’s packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. These are perfect moves for our full service, which takes care of everything for you. We’ll come into your house, pack up your items, load them onto our truck, and then do the reverse after driving everything over to your new location.

Long-Distance Moves

When you move across a long distance, you not only have to deal with the packing and unpacking of your items, but with choosing the best routes to get to your destination. This can be difficult since not all roads are legal for through truck traffic. You can also end up stuck in traffic jams if you don’t know which routes will bypass the worst of them, and this can be hair-raising if you’re not used to driving a big rig through dense traffic. Because of this, we definitely recommend hiring a long distance moving service who are experts in this situation. 

Hiring us for this does even more for you than it does with a short-distance move. Since we’re one of the longstanding moving companies NJ, our drivers are able to handle all of the routing as well as any traffic jams that need to be dealt with, while you can calmly drive to your new destination in your car at some less-trafficked time of night. Whether you’re moving into or out of NYC, or all the way across the country, we’ll have the transportation of your items covered.


As our name implies, we offer moving and storage in NJ instead of just moving. This is because many people find that they don’t have enough room in their new locations to immediately unpack everything. Since our facility is not a self-storage system, using it is very easy. Simply tell our moving consultant which things you want stored, and a truck will take those items to the unit for you. When you want to get them back out, you can have them delivered to your home via truck as well.

  • Our full-service option is great for both short- and long-distance moves. It takes care of the heavy physical labor that is involved in all types of moving.
  • Hiring us for long-distance moves eliminates the hassles of figuring out routes and navigating around or through traffic jams.
  • If you have too many items for your new location, don’t worry – our storage service lets you keep everything while you make more space available.

These are just some of the reasons many consider us to be the best New Jersey movers available. When it’s time for you to come into the area, be sure to give us a call here at Tiger Moving & Storage for an explanation of all of our service tiers and to get a quote. We’ll be glad to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.