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Why Plastic Moving Boxes Are Better Than Cardboard Boxes For Moving & Storage

Posted on October 17, 2018

Cardboard boxes are so strongly associated with moving that people automatically think of them when the concept comes up. This was originally because moving boxes were the only option that allowed for easy stacking of packed items. The other common container option, bags, only work well for clothes and other things that are completely unbreakable. Even then, bags don’t stack nicely, so they can be hard to deal with.

Are Cardboard Boxes Still the Ideal Moving Container?

While box containers offer many benefits over big bags, they also have drawbacks compared to more modern options. Cardboard is opaque, so the only way to know what’s inside is to write the name of every single item on the outside. This can add hours to the moving process.

Unfortunately, skipping that step leads to even more hours of wasted time on the other end as you look through the boxes trying to find everything. Often, some items end up lost forever.

Cardboard boxes also have limits as to how high they can be stacked. Overestimating their strength can lead to the ones on the bottom being crushed. This can lead to damage to whatever is inside the bottom ones, as well as the tipping of an entire stack of boxes.

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Another big problem with cardboard is that it can’t handle water. If it starts to pour rain as the moving truck is being packed or unpacked, the boxes can get wet and weak. Cardboard can also aggravate allergies thanks to the dust and mold it can harbor.

Plastic Boxes For Moving: The Solution to Your Container Problems

Plastic is controversial, so why plastic moving boxes exactly? There are times when it is actually the best material to use. This is especially true when it is used for plastic moving boxes. It solves all of the problems associated with cardboard while keeping all of the benefits.

Clear plastic moving bins remove much of the need for marking. As long as it is packed so everything in it can be seen, you can tell at a glance what’s inside. If any marking is still needed on your plastic storage bins for moving, it is minimal in comparison to what you have to do for cardboard.

Good-quality plastic moving crates typically hold more weight than similarly-sized cardboard ones. This makes it so that you can stack them higher without worries. Their edges tend to be stronger against crushing, too.

Plastic is waterproof, and it doesn’t degrade. In this case, both of those are good things. You won’t have to worry about your items being wrecked on a rainy day. The rot-proof plastic boxes can also be left in storage (or in a room in your new house) without worries about mold, insect infiltration, or any of the other problems associated with cardboard.

What Can You Do with Plastic Moving Boxes After the Move?

One of the reasons people shy away from plastic is the question of what to do with it once you’re done using it. When you’re done moving with plastic bins, however, there is no need to worry about this. Many municipalities will accept them for recycling. Some moving companies make it easy to avoid dealing with the old boxes at all – you rent them, and when you’re done with them, you just give them back to the company.

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Quick Takeaways

  • Cardboard has many drawbacks. It’s opaque, can’t handle rain, and can aggravate allergies.
  • Plastic containers can be clear, reducing the need to mark the outsides.
  • Good plastic boxes can be stacked higher than normal cardboard ones.
  • Plastic is reusable for other things.

Using plastic bins to move instead of cardboard boxes has numerous advantages and could make your move much easier. For more moving tips or to get a quote for your move, just give us a call or fill out the form on our site. We’re Tiger Moving & Storage, and we have the experience needed to make things easy for you.