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Storage Tips for Large Families on the Move

Posted on August 15, 2018

Nobody likes moving, and absolutely nobody likes moving twice. If you’re moving a large family into a new location, or are moving out of your large family’s home- you’re going to need to plan accordingly.

Big families come with some special challenges that couples and singles simply don’t have to deal with. For one thing, large families are- well- large. That means there will be a lot of things to deal with, tons of sorting to be done, and a whole lot of loss prevention to be attended to.

By loss prevention, what we mean in this case is the prevention of poor storage methods that lead to damaged items. Poorly stored items can become exposed to the elements, vermin, mold, mildew, and can be damaged just by virtue of being poorly sorted.

It can be tempting to simply shove things into boxes willy-nilly to get them out of the way. However, you’ll wish you stored your family’s things more carefully when it comes time to take them out of storage. To that end, here are some valuable tips to help you store your large family’s belongings in a way that is safe and tidy to preserve memories, keepsakes, and other valuables long term.

5 Long Term Storage Tips for Large Families

Use Quality Containers

When you want to put items away for the long term, choose clean, new, and high-quality containers. Using old, dusty boxes found behind the supermarket are fine for a quick move. But if you intend to store things for months or years, old containers can introduce dust particles, pests, and mold to your valuables. After a few months, these can easily destroy much of what you hoped to preserve. New boxes sealed with tape and plastic bins are ideal.

Long term storage tips

Store Like with Like Items

A lot of people will use fabrics to cushion other items for DIY storage during a move. This can be okay if you aren’t storing them for the long term. But over time soft items will be damaged by hard items, and debris from damaged fabric can make attractive nesting material for pests. Avoid storing heavy items with light items and soft items with hard items. Use proper packing material whenever possible.

Seal Containers for Long Term Storage

You may be satisfied with self-sealing plastic bins, and they are a good choice. However, if you are storing items for the long term, you might be surprised at the ability of mold and insects to get through imperceptible gaps. That’s why it’s a good idea to seal up edges with packing tape. This will also help to prevent containers from failing and forming gaps- another hazard of long term storage.

Use Clear and Lasting Markings

In large families, the issue of who owns what can be a tricky one. Try to store according to owner, as well as by item type. Mark boxes with permanent pen and long lasting labels. It may seem like unnecessary nit-picking now, but you’ll be glad you did when unboxing day comes.

Storage tips for small apartments

Choose Temperature Controlled Storage

One of the most important aspects of safe and reliable long term storage is the ability to keep everything in a cool, dry space. Drastic changes in temperature cause materials to break down and attract mold and pests. The best way to maintain an optimal storage environment is to choose temperature controlled storage.

Storage Tips for Small Apartments

  • Use container furniture
  • Ask your landlord if you can install additional shelves and cabinets
  • Put out of season clothing into storage

Your Long Term Storage Tips Checklist

  • New, Clean Storage Containers
  • Store Like Items Together
  • Seal Containers Fully
  • Use Clear, Permanent Markings
  • Choose Temperature Controlled Storage

To learn more about moving or long term storage, contact a moving and storage expert from Tiger Moving & Storage.