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Slim Down Your Stuff: Simple Home Staging Tips for the Seller

Posted on February 2, 2017

Home StagingSearching for a new home can be an exciting process, but getting your current home ready to hit the market can be a bit stressful. Since you want everyone who walks through your home to envision the space as their own and be ready to make an offer, home staging is a necessity.

Slim Down Your Stuff Before Your House Hits the Market

From cleaning and organizing to decluttering and depersonalizing, small details matter.

But never fear, all your efforts now will come back to you with a smooth selling experience later. Studies show that even just the smell of a clean house could be the difference between of a fast sale at your asking price or your home sitting on the market for months on end without any offers.

Here are some simple tips to get your home ready for your first open house.

Home Staging Tips for Your First Open House


The most important tip for home sellers is to de-clutter their space. Whether you live in a condo or a large house, we all tend to accumulate a certain amount of stuff (especially if you have children or have lived in your home for more than a few years).

Considering the average American home has over 300,000 items, it’s pretty obvious we all have too much clutter, don’t we?

To make your house to feel as inviting as possible (while not completely empty), eliminate all of the unnecessary items so your potential buyers can focus on what really matters in the house. They need to be able to envision their own things in your space.

The key to home staging and de-cluttering is to start pre-packing and storing your boxes away from house. Consider renting a storage space during the time you’re showing the house and create an inviting space that woos potential buyers.

Let’s take a closer look at the spaces in your home to de-clutter:

De-Clutter Closets

First, remove everything from the floor in your bedroom and hallway closets. This is the simplest for de-cluttering your closet. Place your shoes on a shelf and remove at least half of your clothing (box up all off season apparel).


Clear away as much as you can form your bathroom and kitchen counters. Leave any high-end appliances, such as microwaves or your fancy espresso machine, otherwise, if it’s smaller pack it away (yes, that includes the coffee maker, paper towel rolls and toaster).


Same thing you did for your closets? Do it for your cabinets. Pack up mismatched dishes to give the cupboards the appearance of extra space. If your shelves are full of souvenir mugs, they need to go.

Box up all the extras (mugs, glassware, bowls, plates, plastic containers, etc). You want the cabinets to feel large enough so that the potential buyer can envision all their items on your shelves.


Sorry, but your precious keepsakes, family pictures, holiday decorations and collectibles need to be extensively pared down. The fireplace mantle should be limited to three objects (not ten). Clear away the side tables, dining room table and dresser tops. Yes, this includes the kid’s room, too.

Even if it’s an illusion, potential buyers want to walk into a space that looks like a model home (not something that’s been clearly lived in). Although it may feel empty to you, the “model home look” is much more appealing.

Getting Ready for Home Staging? Take Advantage of Storage Space

We know it takes a lot of hard work and time. But slimming down your stuff before your house hits the market can make your home a lot more inviting and the big move a lot less stressful. Talk to our storage professionals about ways we can help you get your home sale-ready.

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