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Relocating Your NJ Business? Stress-Free Tips for a Smooth Corporate Move

Posted on June 1, 2017

Relocating Your NJ BusinessMoving from one office building to another can feel like a full-time job – one that can be challenging to juggle along with the business you’re already managing. When relocating your NJ business, a smooth move is critical to keep business operations running smoothly, customers happy and employees productive. Which is why our corporate moving experts from Tiger have put together a handy timeline with tips to help you get ready for your new space.

1 Year Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Take a load off. While you will still oversee the operation, assign a responsible employee to take charge of organizing all smaller details of the move. Delegation is key (see our last tip)!
  2. Inventory. Generate a complete inventory list of all furniture, machinery, and electronics that will be moved to the new location. Keep in mind that each department will have specific needs associated with their department. The Human Resources Department, for example, will have privacy concerns associated with their files, while the IT Department may have heavy equipment requiring special knowledge to disassemble and reassemble.

11 Months Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Research. Research corporate moving companies in your area. Do your due diligence by reading reviews and make sure they have all the proper accreditations and certifications.
  2. Order Furniture. If you’re moving to a location with additional square feet, order any necessary furniture such as desks to accommodate new employees as well as items for the lounge, reception and executive areas. Now is a good time to inspect and replace current furniture.
  3. Review. Keep a recurring meeting with the internal move coordinators to review the progress of the move and budget.

6 Months Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Give Notice. Notify staff and current landlord of plans to relocate.
  2. Repair. If your new location needs any repairs, arrange for them to be made prior to your move-in date.

3-4 Months Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Communicate. Send a communication to current customers and vendors about your move. Include the address of your new location, when you’ll be moving and how this will benefit them. This is especially important if your customers visit your physical location to do business.
  2. Transfer. Uninterrupted service is an important component of your move. Contact all necessary phone, internet and utility companies to arrange for a timely transfer and installation.

1-2 Months Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Coordinate. Coordinate with the landlord and other building tenants about elevator use as well as any policies on loading and unloading during the move days.
  2. Update. Make sure all letterhead, social media, business cards, brochures and other marketing materials are ready to be updated with your new address and contact information.
  3. Purge. Now’s the time to task employees to sort through papers and purge any items that they don’t really need.

1-2 Weeks Before Relocating Your NJ Business

  1. Inspect. Inspect your current location and repair any damages. And take a walk-through of your new space to ensure it’s move-in ready.
  2. Measure. Measure large pieces of furniture and equipment to determine if it needs to be disassembled to fit around corners or through stairwells.
  3. Final Confirmations. Confirm your final move-in date with the moving company and property manager of your new location.
  4. Second Communication. Send another email to customers and vendors reminding them of your upcoming move.

Moving Day

  1. Navigate. Evaluate your route to ensure no unnecessary damage is done in the process. Protect walls, floors and corners and make sure pieces that are too large to navigate corners have been disassembled.
  2. Delegate.  At Tiger, our corporate moving experts are trained to evaluate your current and new locations; we understand the relevant logistics, including truck parking, loading docks, stairwells and other load-in and load-out conditions.

Leave all the heavy lifting (and packing) to Tiger Moving & Storage so you can worry about keeping your business operations running smoothly. Call us today for more information at 888-227-6642.