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Packing Hacks [Infographic]

Posted on September 22, 2019

Moving everything you own is never going to be an easy task, but you can make it easier through the use of packing hacks. Packing tips, tricks, and hacks are ways to make the entire process of packing and moving easier and less disruptive on your life. With that in mind, here are some important moving packing tips and tricks!

Connect With Your Mover Early On

First, get quotes from multiple movers. Be clear about when you need to move. Ask about whether there are any hidden fees, such as additional charges for stairs, or for heavy items. Ask them whether they have liability coverage, whether insurance is available, and whether they’re properly certified. Check each mover’s references and online reviews, and ask them questions if you find anything particularly concerning.

The Packing Hacks Backpack

Keep your important items to the side. Pack a “day bag” that includes everything you’re going to need during your move, such as hygiene products. Keep a few changes of clothes on the side, and make sure that everything you need has been well-washed. Don’t forget incidental things, such as facial tissues, and emergency medical items such as band-aids. 

Plan Your Food Early On

Meals are one of the most challenging things to plan when you’re moving. Take some time to create a meal plan. Cook your meals in advance, even if they need to be frozen. By doing this, you can avoid unhealthy fast food, and expensive restaurant food. Don’t forget to plan something for your friends and family if they’re helping you move!

Get a Professional Cleaning

Whether you’re selling your home or moving out of a rental, getting a professional cleaning is important. Don’t worry about cleaning your apartment or home yourself: you have other things to do. A professional cleaning is more likely to get your deposit back, or ensure that a new buyer is fully satisfied with their new home. Otherwise, you can try a deep clean yourself.

Pack Your Items Carefully

One of the best packing hacks moving is just to pack things correctly. Invest in packing materials such as bubble wrap. Use small, manageable boxes. Label each box as you pack them. Vacuum seal any clothing to save on space. Make sure each box isn’t too heavy. And mark any items that are fragile with “fragile” so movers are extra careful with them.

Put Aside Your Most Expensive Items

Items like jewelry or particularly expensive decor should be set aside. You can move these items yourself, carefully, or you can hire professionals — but make sure they know these items are particularly important. You can also call your insurance company to make sure these items are covered during the move, as items can be vulnerable to damage or theft. 

Get Creative When Packing

Not sure how to pack certain things? You can get a little creative with the things you already have, and avoid having to purchase items that you really don’t need. Here are some tips:

  • Wrap clothing around fragile items instead of purchasing packing materials.
  • Use trash bags over clothing, on hangers — to keep them organized. 
  • Place smaller items inside of things like socks to protect them from damage.
  • Seal kitchen and bathroom items with plastic wrap and plastic bags.
  • Reuse boxes that you already have, by reinforcing them with packing tape.

Getting creative isn’t just convenient. It also makes your move more environmentally-friendly and sustainable. There are a lot of things you can use, like blankets, to add padding into boxes. Just make sure you’re still listing the contents of every box carefully while you pack.

Key Takeaways

  • Moving is a challenge. Connecting with a professional moving company early on can help. 
  • Follow packing hacks moving to make your move easier. Remain organized and take your time.
  • Get creative when you’re packing. You don’t always need to purchase brand new packing materials.

If you’re ready to start moving, you need to start getting quotes. Tiger Moving & Storage can help you explore your options. Contact Tiger Moving & Storage today to find out more.