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Moving Tips – For The Big Moving Day [Infographic]

Posted on November 29, 2018

Tips for Moving Day

A planned move isn’t just a change of locations – it’s a project. For weeks, you’ve been packing things up, cleaning your old home, and making sure that you didn’t leave anything good behind. Now, it’s the day of the actual move. Even now, it’s not just a matter of jumping in the car and driving to the new address. There are still a few things you should do or keep in mind in order to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving tips infographic

Do a Thorough Walkthrough of the Old House

As you walk through, open all of the cabinets, drawers, closets, and other potential storage locations. Then, look inside them all. This will help to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind. Also be sure to check bathroom shelves, windowsills, and underneath any furniture that you’re leaving behind. Even if you’re using one of the best full service moving companies, only you know all of the places you might have put things, so be sure to do this check yourself.

Keep the New and Old Keys Handy at All Times

The easiest way to do this is to put them all on your main keychain. If the keys are too similar to tell them apart at a glance, color-code them with rubber rings over the key heads or use some other means of identification. Having both keys handy will ensure that you can get into either home if the need arises.

If You’re Doing the Packing, Leave the Cleaning Supplies Out Until You’ve Used Them

Cleaning your old home is easiest when there’s nothing left in it besides the tools for doing that clean-up. Once everything else is gone, thoroughly clean everything. If you’re leaving an apartment, this will help you get your security deposit back; if you’re moving out of a house, cleaning it will make it much easier to sell later.

The cleaning supplies you’ll want depend on the specifics of your old home, but you can expect to at least need cleaning solution, a bucket, mop, vacuum cleaner, and paper towels or cleaning rags. Keep these unboxed in your old home.

Pack Essentials Last

When you get into your new home, you’ll need certain essentials right away. These go beyond things like toiletries. Anything you’ll want to use right away – the same day or the day after you move in – counts as an essential. Your toaster, coffee maker, a cooking pan, a change of clothes, and anything else like that falls into this category.

Make it easy to find all of these things by packing them separately and loading them into the truck last. This will make them the first things off, so you can easily locate and use them in your new location.


  • Check every nook and cranny of your old home for forgotten items
  • Keep the keys to your old and new home handy at all times
  • Don’t pack your cleaning supplies away before you use them on your old home
  • Pack essentials like the next day’s clothes, your coffee maker, a cooking pan, and toiletries last.

With these tips, moving day will be much easier than it would be if you didn’t have a plan. Mentally rehearse them before the day comes so you have the needed steps at the top of your mind.

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