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Moving Tips for Large Families with Kids

Posted on October 3, 2018

Moving to a new town is an exciting time for all involved, and this is something that can be either good or bad when kids are involved. In order to tilt the odds to the “good” side, it is important to involve the children in the process as much as is practical – and sometimes, even when it isn’t all that practical. This will keep them in a good, helpful mood and allow things to progress without undue stress. Here is some moving advice to consider:

Tips for Moving Large Families

Get Everyone Involved with the Packing

Kids don’t like to be stuck on the sidelines, and this is especially important to consider when moving. They will already feel helpless if they’re too young to have played a part in deciding whether to move or not, so one of the best ways to make things smoother is to empower them in some other way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to let them help. This can greatly reduce their moving anxiety.

If they’re too young to provide substantial help, have them do something like draw a picture of the type of things that are in each box. This will keep them occupied and let them feel as though they’re doing something important. Provide a box of crayons and let them draw on the moving boxes while you and the older children do the packing.

Older children, of course, can help with packing. Those who are big enough can assist with moving things around, as well.

Moving to a new town

Communicate Clearly

Be sure to communicate what is going on with your children. No matter their ages, don’t just suddenly surprise them with a “we’re moving next week!” sort of announcement. This is definitely not how to tell your child you’re moving out! Instead, give them time to get used to the idea, and most importantly, to properly say goodbye to all of their friends and acquaintances.

Older teens are best for an informed decision, but if a younger child will be happier a mile away from where you’ve been looking at houses, it’s a good idea to accommodate. Remember that a slight inconvenience is easy for an adult to deal with, but a carless grade-schooler could be totally out of luck if he or she ends up a mile (or even less) away from anything kid-friendly.

Do Most of the Work While Kids Are Asleep

Kids are eager to help, especially when young. However, most young children aren’t very efficient or skilled at providing practical help. To minimize the drag on progress, do most of the work while they’re asleep. Just be sure to be quiet, or else they’ll wake up and “help” more than you ever intended!

How to tell your child you’re moving out

A Quick Recap

  • Kids already feel helpless if they’re forced to move. Relieve this feeling by letting them take part in the moving process.
  • Assign activities according to the kids’ ages and capabilities. Be creative – there should be something everyone older than a baby can do, even if it’s not actually essential.
  • Do not surprise kids with news of a move. Communicate at all steps of the process so that they are psychologically prepared.
  • Let kids have a say in things when possible. A slight adjustment in plans can make a big difference in happiness.

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