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Moving in Together? Morris County Moving Company Has the Secret To Help You Save (Your Sanity)

Posted on August 22, 2017

Morris County Moving CompanySo, you’ve decided to move in with your partner. Congratulations! But, not too long after you make this exciting decision, you may start to realize you don’t have enough space for both of your belongings, which means it’s time to pare down. The experts at Tiger Moving & Storage have seen it all; as a trusted Morris County moving company, we have the secret to help you save big bucks (and your relationship, too).

Whether you’re moving into their place, staying in yours or finding a new home together, here are a few moving tips for couples to consider before taking the leap to live together.

Take Inventory

Before you start packing up boxes, take an inventory of your and your partner’s stuff. Evaluate your space to help decide what’s really going to fit. Measure all the furniture to see what might have to go simply due to space limitations.

Pare Down

For everything else, it boils down to: what are you going to keep, sell, give away or put in storage? Some see the pre-move purge as the perfect opportunity to dump their old futon or other seemingly useless junk. And since you probably don’t need to move two fold-out couches, two large dining room tables or multiples of other large, heavy furniture, you both need to decide what’s going to “make the cut.”


Don’t make any decisions alone. Communicate with your partner (besides, communication is the number one rule of making any relationship work), when you’re planning a move-in. Discuss both your needs vs wants and make practical decisions together. Prepare to compromise, you’ll probably find that some things are easier to give up that others.

Store It

If there are some things that you just can’t see eye-to-eye on, put it in storage until you can come to an agreement (or find more living space). This temporary solution can help you get through this transition a little smoother (and save both your sanity along the way).

Morris County Moving Company and Storage Solutions

If you’re feeling tempted to procrastinate these important discussions (or skip them altogether)- don’t. That could only result in a costly moving mistake of having to unnecessarily pack up and move all those extra items. It’s important to make sure your combined belongings are going to fit comfortably in your space, so make a point to get this conversation done sooner than later.

A well-planned move-in can prevent big relationship stress, so it’s best to check off all your details ahead of time to save on unnecessary moving and storage costs (and disagreements) later. We understand, letting go of your things can be painful, but it can also feel liberating. Think of it as making room for a new life with your partner.

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