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Last Minute Moving Tips & Tricks For The Frazzled

Posted on January 9, 2019

Even if you plan carefully for every little thing in life, sometimes you get caught with a handful of the unexpected. When that happens, your plans tend to fall to the wayside. When it comes to moving, life can rain disaster down onto your well-laid plans, leaving you with a ton of last-minute chores to do on short notice. Or, maybe you didn’t have a great plan to begin with. So, whether you’re a fastidious planner or a habitual seat-of-the-pants cowboy, here are some last minute moving tips to get you through your last minute move.

1. Logistics are Number 1

When you’re pressed for time and have a whole house full of heavy things to pack, every task seems like job #1. To reduce stress and avoid panicked worrying, you might need to take a minute to get some perspective. The first thing you should do is sit down, take a deep breath and make a simplified last minute moving checklist.

Figure out what needs to happen first in your relocation process, and list your to-do’s in broad categories, such as “get packed”, “donate extra clothes”, and “get a moving truck in the driveway.” Keep your categories simple.

Last minute moving tips

2. Get Rid of Some Things

If you’re pressed against an immovable deadline, you might have to let go of some things. If you think of it as you go, you can separate essentials from non-essentials while you are packing. Don’t think about just leaving things behind though; you still need to do your last minute move out cleaning if you want that deposit back.

We understand that picking things for the cut is tough. That’s why storage was invented. Suppose you had access to a storage facility where your not-so-essential or immediately necessary — yet precious and sentimental — items could be stored. It’s called storage, and it’s something Tiger Moving & Storage specializes in.

3. Assemble an Essentials Bag

When you’re pressed for time and might have to stay on a friend’s couch or spend a night in a hotel, you might have to make some spur of the moment decisions. The first step when figuring out how to pack last minute, is putting together an essentials bag. It’s a good way to organize yourself and put your priorities into perspective.

Get your favorite piece of luggage. Pack it in the way you would if you were going to be marooned on a desert island. That’s right, you’re a survivor now. Pack only the essentials: basic clothing, toiletries, medicine. This will help you shrug off some non-essentials when it comes to dealing with the rest of your move.

4. Pack First, Think Later

If you’re a habitual planner– this is going to be tough… but you’re out of time and it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone. Your mission — whether or not you choose to accept it — is to get that stuff in boxes and out the door ASAP.

Sure, quick packing and a lack of planning might mean a few things will get roughed up in the move. Unfortunately, you no longer have the resource of time as a way to prevent that. On the other hand- professional movers would have the tools to handle this problem in a professional way that you probably don’t.

5. Get Help

It’s time to call in the troops. Call some friends, ply them with drink and food if you have to, but you need to get some extra emergency hands to help with packing, pronto.

If you’re too shy to ask for friendly help, professional packing help is just a phone call away.

Last minute moving tips


  • Make a list and lighten your load by focusing on the top priorities.
  • Create your essentials bag so you have the bare minimum in a pinch.
  • Pack first, sort later!
  • You’re not alone! Ask friends, family, neighbors, or get professional help.

As one of the top moving companies in NJ, Tiger Moving & Storage knows that moving doesn’t always go according to plan. That’s why we offer top of the line products and last minute moving and storage services to make things go smoothly even when you’re in a rush. Get in touch today for top notch last minute movers in NJ!