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Preparing Items for Storage: 10 Tips from Tiger Moving and Storage Service in NJ

Posted on June 29, 2017

Storage Service in NJWhether you’re an empty nester who’s downsizing your home, you’re making space for an open house, or you’ve recently done a lot of online shopping (and now need a place for all the old stuff to go), most of us could use a little more space in our lives. If high-quality storage space is what you’re looking for, Tiger Moving and Storage Service in NJ has exactly what you need.

When it comes to preparing your belongings for storage, packing things properly will not only help you save time but ensure your goods are maintained in the best condition possible. So, for everything you want to keep (but don’t have the space to keep it) pack them up like a pro with these ten simple storage tips.

10 Packing Tips from Tiger Storage Service in NJ

1. Appliances

Storing a refrigerator or freezer? Clean and dry them thoroughly ahead of time and store them with the door slightly ajar. Make good use of your space by storing small boxes on the shelves inside.

2. Electronics

Wrap all electronic equipment cables neatly and label carefully. Any items that could be potentially damaged by dust should be covered.

3. Garage Goods

Tools, bicycles and sports gear should be cleaned before packing away. To resist rust, wipe metal surfaces with a cloth containing a couple drops of machine oil. Long-handled tools, such as snow shovels and rakes should be cleaned, lightly oiled and tied in a bundle. The key for heavy tools is to use a smaller box to prevent overpacking.

4. Documents

Files, books and other important documents should be packed flat to protect their shape. Just as with heavy tools, it’s important not to overpack.

5. Textile

All fabrics should be cleaned and free from anything that could attract pests. Store apparel and curtains on hangers in a wardrobe box. Fold and store large flat items inside plastic bags and place in dresser drawers or cedar chests.

6. Fragile Items

Whenever packing fragile belongings, wrap each item separately and place a layer of cushioning on the bottom and at the top of the box for extra protection (towels and blankets work well for this). Fill all pockets with packing to prevent any movement. Remember to label each box clearly: “FRAGILE.”

7. Furniture

Store sofas and mattresses on end against a wall and place on top of a pallet, corrugated cardboard, or plastic sheet. Disassemble furniture before you head to storage, place all nuts and bolts in a labeled zip lock bag and secure all pieces together so it’s not misplaced. Remember to place a light dust cover over your furniture for extra protection.

8. Mirrors and Windows

All mirrors, windows and screens should be stored carefully on their edge, not lying flat. Protect each one individually with strong cardboard and label it clearly so it won’t accidentally get bumped.

9. Lamps

Large lamp bases should be wrapped in padding; smaller lamps can be packed in a box. Delicate lamp shades should be wrapped in clean packing paper (newsprint can cause damaging ink stains).

10. Prohibited Goods

Prohibited goods are basically any material that is considered hazardous or alive. These items will not be permitted, so don’t bother packing them. State laws (and basic common sense) determine what can and cannot be stored. Some examples of prohibited goods include gasoline, nail polish, batteries, firearms, and perishables. If you’re unsure about something, don’t hesitate to reach out first.

Moving, Packing and Storage Service in NJ

With the proper preparation and attention to detail, you can ensure your treasured belongings stay in excellent condition while they’re in storage. If you have additional questions about preparing items for storage, we are here to help. Give Tiger Moving and Storage Service in NJ a call at 973-227-5250.