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How To Move a Mattress With Less Stress  

Posted on May 24, 2019

If you have a small household or aren’t going too far, you may think that a DIY move won’t be too hard. Just put everything into your car or pickup truck and make a few trips, right? For most items, that may indeed be right, but there is one set of furniture that is much more challenging than everyday items: the mattress.

Mattresses are big, soft, and heavy. This makes them hard to lift and hard to control as you try to get them out of the bedroom and into (or onto) your vehicle. Typically, they also come with foundations and frames, making it so you have up to three times the work and hassle to deal with.

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Getting the Mattress Set Out of the House

This is the first difficulty to think about. The type of mattress doesn’t really matter at this point, so don’t worry about how to move a foam mattress by yourself as opposed to a regular one. If you’re by yourself, you’ll need enough strength to be able to either pick up or drag each piece to the door and then hoist them into or onto your intended transport vehicle.


Your first thought for transport is likely to use whatever vehicle you usually use. If you have a pickup truck, you will have more room to hold the mattress, but moving a mattress in a pickup truck takes more than just tossing it in back. You’ll need to wrap it in something or box it up to keep it clean. Since the truck is open, you’ll need to cover the mattress to keep it dry and clean. You’ll also need to tie the mattress down so that it doesn’t get blown up and out by the wind.

How to transport a double mattress in a car is an even bigger question. For very short trips, you can tie it to the roof and drive slowly. Even then, though, the wind will be getting under it and trying to turn it into a giant wing. This can bend your bed and damage it. You’ll also need to cover it to avoid weather exposure, just like you would with a pickup truck.

If you need to know how to move a mattress without a car, you’ll find a few readily-available options. One is to rent a DIY moving truck. Then, you still need to get the bed into the truck and remove it at your destination, but you’ll have a covered vehicle for the transportation. You can also ask a truck-owning friend to drive, but you may or may not have success with this option.

The Ultimate Solution – Hire Movers

For large, bulky items like mattresses and other large furniture, the best answer is truly to hire movers. They will know exactly how to get the items around tight corners and down narrow hallways. They’ll also have the crew needed to properly lift the mattress without allowing it to bend and get damaged. Finally, they have the perfect trucks for the job. It’s well worth the investment to have them move your bulkiest items even if you take most of your things in your car.

  • Getting a mattress out of a home can be difficult, but it’s doable with good planning
  • Mattresses in pickups or on cars must be tied down to keep them from blowing away
  • Cover your mattress to keep it clean and dry
  • Hiring movers lets you avoid dealing with any of this

To make your move easier and ensure that your mattress makes it to its new location without being blown away or rained on, call Tiger Moving & Storage to take care of it. We know exactly how to deal with mattresses and other large furniture.