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Essential Moving Strategies For The Avid Bookworm

Posted on October 4, 2019

Moving a large number of books is difficult and stressful. Not only do you need to pack all of your books, but you’ll also need to move a lot of extremely heavy boxes. If you’ve ever moved a large home library before, you know exactly how difficult it is. So, what’s the best way to pack books?

The Best Way to Pack for Moving Books

Why is it so difficult to move books? They’re not just numerous, but heavy. Books can be damaged by a lot of things: heat, cold, moisture, and more. And when you’re moving a lot of books, you’ll find yourself having to move tons of small, heavy boxes.

Here are some ways to manage your move:

  • Try to use smaller boxes. The smaller your boxes, the easier they are to move. A big mistake is trying to load a large box up with all your books: it’ll be too heavy to maneuver. If you have larger boxes, don’t fill them up all the way — but small, full boxes are still better because they can be easily stacked. 
  • Use plastic bins rather than cardboard. While cardboard is convenient, plastic bins tend to be structurally stronger. They also have handles, which makes them easier to manage. 
  • Start boxing your books early. Since it’s more difficult to pack books than many other things, box your books early on. That will give you the time to go over them, decide which ones you want to give to friends and family, and which ones you need for “emergency” reading.
  • Pay attention to moisture. Moisture levels can be very dangerous for books. Don’t store your boxes in areas with high humidity, such as enclosed garages, or attics. If you have to store your boxes in storage, look for climate-controlled storage.
  • Unpack your boxes early. It’s easy to put off unpacking your books indefinitely, especially if you don’t need a particular book. But that means you’ll just have boxes and boxes of books in your new home. Unpack them early and get them over with.

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Having a lot of books is, typically, a good thing — knowledge is power! But it’s a daunting task to move (or, consider donating!) some of those paper treasures. Together, these tips make moving multiple texts manageable. But it’s still a bit of a challenge. Boxes full of books tend to be difficult to maneuver in general, but there are things you can do to fix that.

How to Pack Books in Boxes

So, what’s the best way to pack books? Pack them in small boxes in ways that they won’t shift around. Try to pack them tightly, but on their back. Don’t pack books on their spine or on their pages, because this will warp them. 

Add some dehydration packets to the boxes if you’re concerned about moisture. These are the same dehydration packets that you can use for food. Even if you have to store the boxes long-term, this can help cut down on moisture.

How to pack books for a move, How to pack books in boxes, best way to pack for moving, What’s the best way to pack books

Pay constant attention to how heavy the boxes are because if they grow too heavy, they’ll be practically unmovable. If the box isn’t completely filled with books, add some packing material to make sure the books don’t shift. Books suddenly shifting can throw the balance of the box off.

That’s how to pack books for a move. But as you can see, it’s a challenge. You need to pack and unload your books early, move your books in small boxes, and keep your books dry. As long as you can handle these things, you should be okay.


  • Moving books can be difficult because they’re heavy and numerous.
  • Pack your books in small boxes, and make sure that the boxes aren’t exposed to moisture.
  • Try to move your boxes early in the process, while you still have energy. 

Are you a bookworm? Moving books is hard. Not only do you need to make sure that the books aren’t damaged, but you also need to move large volumes of heavy boxes. It’s easier to get professional help. Contact Tiger Moving and Storage to get a quote