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7 Valuables You Should Keep in Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Posted on April 17, 2017

Climate Controlled Storage unitOut with the old? In with the new? We get it. You’re spring cleaning and it just feels so good to purge! But hold on a moment, don’t be so fast to trash your goods…you never know how much of that ‘junk’ could really be a hidden treasure! Whether you already know how much your possessions are worth or you’re just discovering their value today, it’s important that you store them correctly. Here are a few surprising things that will need climate controlled storage.

Why Climate Controlled Storage?

Climate controlled storage helps to keep your valuables protected from the elements like heat, cold and humidity. Extreme temperatures, temperature variations, and humidity level changes can damage any of the above which can diminish their value. This is the reason why you need a temperature controlled storage unit to protect your delicate possessions.

Temperatures and humidity levels are adjusted based on external conditions, so no matter what’s going on outside (rain, humidity or freezing temperatures), our climate controlled storage units remain a safe 55 to 65 degrees year-round.

After all, what’s the use of storing your things if you can’t use or enjoy them when it’s time to pull them out?

What Things Need Climate Controlled Storage?

1. Furniture

Any furniture made of fabric, wood or metal should be stored properly. Leaving wood furniture exposed to the elements, for example, can wreak havoc on its structure since humidity and temperature fluctuations could warp and degrade even the most well-constructed pieces. Whether it’s a family heirloom table or an antique piano, furniture should always be stored in climate controlled storage units.

2. Electronics

Electronics, such as video equipment, stereos, TVs, computers, cameras, or any other types of electronics equipment should be stored in climate controlled storage units to prevent moisture buildup. Even the smallest amount of moisture can potentially short-circuit your electronics when it’s time to turn them back on.

3. Delicate Apparel

Typically, you can store clothing in a traditional storage unit. But for delicate pieces of clothing, such as furs and fancy dress wear, climate controlled storage units are your best option.

4. Media

Collections such as DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, photographs, cassette tapes, 8 track tapes, all require climate controlled storage units to protect against the elements.

5. Collectibles

Whether you’re storing a classic car or vintage artwork, climate-controlled storage is a great place to store collectible items. After all, you’ve saved those special valuable items for so long already, why risk damage?

6. Important Paperwork

Carefully save important document and papers such as taxes so they won’t degrade and become illegible.

7. Wine

Extreme heat can cause wine to turn brown or cloudy. If you don’t have sufficient storage that is climate controlled in your home, turn to Tiger to protect your possessions with our temperature controlled storage units.

Basically, if you don’t want any of your items exposed to temperatures over 90 degrees or below 32 degrees, put it in a safe, climate controlled storage space.

Where Can I Find Climate Controlled Storage Near Me?

Protect and preserve your possessions for years to come. Contact Tiger to learn more about our climate controlled storage options and swing by for a visit to tour a storage vault and see for yourself!

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