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6 Tips for Moving into A Downsized Home

Posted on May 1, 2017

Moving into A Downsized HomeAre you moving closer to work for a shorter commute? Maybe you’re moving in with your loved one or perhaps you’re finally an empty-nester moving into a downsized home. Whatever your reason for moving, figuring out how to squeeze all of your belongings into smaller square footage can be a big project.

The best thing you can do before you begin is to make three lists: your “must-have with me” list, your “I don’t want to let go, but could live without for now” list, and your “I guess I could live without” list.

To help you get started, here are six categories of items you could probably put in storage now to save space for your new move.

6 Things You Probably Don’t Need in Your New Home, So Store Them Now

1. Manuals and Hardcopy Files

From product manuals to phone bills, most documents today can be accessed digitally. But if you can’t let go of the paper just yet, store them safely out of your way. You can also free up space on your shelf by transferring all those dusty DVDs and CDs to digital files.

2. Souvenirs

We get it, some travel souvenirs and knick-knacks are emotionally priceless, but some you could probably live without. So, go through your things one by one and purge honestly. If it tugs on your heart strings, box it and store it. If you don’t think you’ll miss it, toss it or donate it.

3. Endless Paper

If you have children, you know that paper tends to build up over the weeks, months and years. From drawing papers to homework and endless art projects, it can get overwhelming. Instead of letting them accumulate on your kitchen counter, take pictures of their masterpieces then recycle them or box them up safely in storage for a future trip with your kids down memory lane.

4. Clothing

Yup, we all want to hold on to that one pair of jeans in the hopes that they will fit again one day. But they don’t need to stay in your closet. Pack them up (along with that high school letter jacket) and clear space for an updated wardrobe.

5. Unused Things

It should go without saying that if you haven’t used (or even looked at) an item in over a year, it should probably go. Take inventory of anything that has gone unused for a year or so and either donate it to someone who could use it or pack it up safely and place it in storage – you know, just in case. Seasonal equipment should also be put in storage to free up more space for the new move.

6. Sentimental Items

You probably want to save baby’s first blanket, fluffy bunny and a few tiny outfits. But they don’t need to be taking space in your house. Pack them up safely in climate controlled storage, along with any other heirlooms you wish to pass on to your children someday. It’s time to make some space for your children to grow.

Storage Can Help When Moving into A Downsized Home

Downsizing to smaller digs can be hard because it’s emotionally difficult for people to release their history. And even more so when it’s connected to a move. But using storage to keep valuables safe can help make the transition as smooth as possible; just knowing that you don’t have to get rid of everything right away can help you embrace your move and not dread it.

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