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5 Tips for Moving Heavy Objects with Ease

Posted on June 8, 2017

moving large objectsWhen it comes to relocating, every house has large, cumbersome items that need moving. Whether you’re moving a piano, appliances, furniture or fitness equipment, it’s not an easy process. These bulky belongings are not only our heaviest but tend to be our most valuable possessions.

Here are five stress-free (and backache-free) tips on moving heavy items safely and how to move heavy objects by yourself.

Moving Heavy Items: The Basics

1. Get Help

We’re not afraid to kick things off with a shameless plug… Professional movers, like the experts at Tiger, have experience moving heavy and large objects during the moving process and know how to navigate around tricky areas, like steep stairways and tight corners, to ensure no damage is done to your home or the item being moved.

Take a backache out of the equation and hire professional movers who have the strength and knowledge required to safely lift and maneuver your heavy and large items.

2. Prepare

Prepare as much in advance as possible by removing all drawers, shelves, racks, and contents from your items before you move anything. For refrigerators and freezers, unplug them 24 hours in advance to allow them to defrost, for electronics, tape the electrical cord to the back of the unit to prevent trip hazards and for washing machines, disconnect and drain water lines.

3. Plan Your Route

Ensure that your exit or entry path is free and clear of obstacles. It’s also helpful to measure your route ahead of time to make sure your items will have enough space to pass through doorways, hallways or other tight spaces. Go grab your measuring tape now before it gets boxed up.

4. Lift with Your Brain First

Think carefully about how you can move the heavy possessions with the least amount of strain. If you think something is going to be too big to fit around a corner, be prepared to disassemble the item to avoid scratching walls or damaging the item while moving. Just be sure to keep track of all the nuts and bolts in a secure, labeled location. You may want to consider putting the loose screws in a plastic ziplock bag. Make sure to label the contents and tape it to the item.

5. Move with Ease

Make everything as light as possible from the get-go by removing all contents (such as dresser drawers) and use furniture pads or blankets to protect fragile corners. Dollys and sliders will become your best friend. Sliders can make even the heaviest piece of furniture glide effortlessly across the floor. Simply tilt the piece of furniture and place one pad under each corner. The most important reminders are to be patient and lift with your legs, not your back…or better yet, leave it to the pro’s.

Stress-Free Moving Services in NJ

Voila! Moving heavy items just became super simple and stress-free.

At Tiger Moving and Storage, we specialize in moving clients (and their heavy items) in New Jersey, but we also provide service for long-distance moves. Every move will satisfy your specific needs and we’re here to guide you through every step of the moving process…from the initial planning stages to settling in your new home and unpacking your belongings. Contact us today for more information.