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4 Strategies For Unpacking After A Move

Posted on February 6, 2019

The process of moving may seem like a never-ending stream of different planning challenges, but a little strategy and preparation makes everything go a lot smoother. Learning how to unpack and organize after moving now will help you settle in faster and easier, for better peace of mind. Whether you want to go the DIY route or hire a professional moving unpacking service, use these tips to keep everything organized and accessible.

Focus on Basic Needs

Base your strategies for unpacking after a move around your family’s most basic needs. Your box or boxes of essentials should include bedding, regularly used medications, food and dishes for the first night or two, and toilet paper and other bathroom items. These boxes should be packed and brought over early so you can focus on important documents and other more timely essentials on the day of the move. If there are restaurants that deliver close to your new home, you may only need to pack some paper plates and bottled drinks to prepare for your move-in day. Don’t forget about including a portable or easily set up an entertainment system in your essentials box, especially if you’re moving to a home where the Internet service is already connected.

How to unpack and organize after moving, strategies for unpacking after a move

Start from Reverse Importance

Pack your boxes, aside from the essentials box, based on how little you use or need the items. Start with items already in storage or rarely used, such as family heirlooms, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing or sports equipment. These items can also sit the longest before being unpacked, so mark the boxes accordingly as you pack them. Work your way down to the most important and commonly used items so you can use them right before packing them up and sending them off to the new home. Once you’re onto the unpacking stage, reverse the process and begin opening the boxes that were last packed. Feeling overwhelmed? Try this tip: number the boxes starting with 10 for the first packed and least used items, and work your way down to 1 for essentials. This makes it easier to figure out where to start unpacking.

Take Photos

With practically every smartphone including a relatively high-quality camera, it’s easier than ever to use photos to document your packing process. There are even free and paid apps that track and organize the snaps you take by the shape of the box, tags you manually attach, or simply by guessing the item being photographed. Not only do these apps make it a cinch to unpack that particular DVD or winter coat you need, but they also serve as convenient evidence in case you need to make a claim for a damaged or missing item.

Unpacking tips

Color-Code Your Boxes

Visual unpacking tips are among the most useful because they rely on your subconscious associations. Buying five different colors of packing tape or markers may inflate the cost of materials a little, but it pays off big time when you know exactly where to put each box and what it contains at a glance. A rainbow of packing materials also helps keep your spirits high as you put these unpacking tips to good use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pack the least important items first, and unpack the most important boxes first.
  • Try colorful and visual reminders of contents and intended destination, such as pattern tapes and different colored markers.
  • Use your smartphone to create a visual record as you pack so you can quickly locate a specific item when unpacking.
  • Write down your favorite unpacking tips from this experience to use during your next move!

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