Moving Services Hawthorne, NJ

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Hawthorne, NJ was originally part of Manchester Township, but that township ceased to exist around 1898, when it was split up into seven different municipalities. Since then, Hawthorne has been its own borough. It was named after novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne, who is famous for writing The Scarlet Letter, among several other works.

This community is fairly quiet, with its biggest recent controversy surrounding the proposed opening of a 24/7 Walmart Supercenter. In 2013, the company abandoned its plans to open here after residents complained of a feared increase in traffic and other problems. Later, the city put in an ordinance that prohibited the opening of large stores of this type in the city center.

A bandshell, Memorial Day parade, and other local events provide entertainment in and around town. When it’s time to go into New York City, residents can take the train or bus service, or drive on one of Hawthorne’s major thoroughfares.

Moving around Hawthorne, NJ

Moving to or from Hawthorne is made easier thanks to Hawthorne NJ moving companies. These services know what to expect in terms of the roads, types of houses, and other factors that go into planning a move. They can provide a wide variety of service levels, handle large furniture and pianos, and even take care of any storage requirements for extra items. Because of this, there is no need for those who are moving to seek out Hawthorne NJ storage companies.

Our Hawthorne NJ moving and storage service ensures that whether you have a few things or a large amount of them, you won’t have to leave anything behind. Just make use of our storage facility for any extras you have, and let us set everything else up in your new home. Everything will be hassle-free, so you can get on with your new life right away.

  • Hawthorne is a bustling town, home to many families who enjoy the perks of living in a suburban area close to a large city.
  • Transit to and from New York City is easy from this area
  • Hiring a moving company like Tiger Moving & Storage  makes it easy to turn this city into your new home

Whether you’re coming to or leaving from Hawthorne, call Tiger Moving and Storage to take care of transporting your items. We’re Hawthorne NJ movers who have been operating in this area for many years, and we’ll make sure that everything goes smoothly.