Moving and Storage Services in Budd Lake, NJ

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Budd Lake, NJ was named for John Budd, who obtained 1300 acres here in 1714. Unlike some “lake”-named places, this one actually has a lake – a glacial lake that includes a bog and algal blooms. Wetland plants live on the surface of the bog, which is formed from thousands of years’ worth of decaying plant matter. A series of wetlands and groundwater seepage points fills the lake, which in turn serves as the headwaters for several rivers.

Although almost 9,000 people call the town of Budd Lake home, it is an unincorporated census-designated place. This frees it from the governmental burden associated with a city. Despite this, it is home to the Pax Amicus Theatre, which is a live playhouse featuring on- and off-Broadway shows, Shakespearean plays, and other events. It has a full-year season.

Relocating to Budd Lake

Those moving into or out of the area will find that the process is made easier by bringing in a professional moving and storage service in Budd Lake NJ like Tiger Moving & Storage. Professional movers can take care of all of the work involved, including packing everything up and loading it on the truck. Of course, we’ll also drive the truck to your new home, so you don’t have to fight with the traffic in New York or find the truck routes in Budd Lake.

Tiger is among the best Budd Lake NJ storage companies, as it has been serving the area for many years. We don’t have just self-serve units, unlike typical moving companies. Instead, Tiger Moving and Storage works with moving customers, and take care of loading and unloading the units. This improves security by greatly limiting the number of non-personnel who are present on the site. It also makes it easier to handle stored items. When it’s time to get your things back out of your storage unit, they will even bring them to your designated location for you.

  • Changing your residence is easiest if you hire movers for Budd Lake NJ
  • Tiger Moving & Storage provides top-notch moving services for Budd Lake residents and future residents.
  • We provide packing, unpacking and storage solutions for all your needs.

We offer all levels of moving services, as well as a storage service that is available exclusively to our moving customers. To learn more about what we can do to ease your move, inquire about our storage options, or get a quote, just contact us.