Moving and Storage in Union, NJ

Moving and Storage Services in Union, NJ

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Union, NJ, has a growing population and easy access to New York City. The thriving town also is home to Kean University, the Union Watersphere, and several of Thomas Edison’s experiential concrete homes.

When you’re moving alone or with just a few friends or family members in or around Union, NJ, it’s hard to let go of moving stresses to enjoy your new home. Instead of dealing with that headache, think about working with a professional moving company for your next move.

Moving and Storage Service in Union, NJ

One of the things that people dread most about moving is the physical challenges it presents. Moving heavy appliances like stoves and washers and furniture like tables, sofas, and beds is physically demanding and difficult to do — especially in a busy area like Union. Working with a professional movers means you get to let them do the lifting, and you get to focus more on starting your life in a new home.

You Have Access to Insurance

When something gets lost or broken when you’re moving alone or with friends or family, you’re out the value of that item. When you work with a moving company, the chances of lost or broken items is much lower. If something does get broken or lost, insurance compensates you for the value of it. Moving companies employ professionals who know how to carry heavy or awkward objects to avoid damage.

Make One Trip

When you move alone or with a few helpers, it usually takes more than one trip to load up a borrowed or rented truck. This means you’re running between the two homes all day, spending gas money, time, and effort. The issue becomes bigger the farther away you move. Professional movers get the job done in one trip with special equipment and trucks designed for efficiency.

Faster and Easier Unpacking

Professional movers will unload your boxes and furniture and put them in the rooms you specify. This means you’ll have all of the items belonging to that area of your home already when you go to unpack, making finding everything much easier. Tiger Moving & Storage is a full-service moving company, providing you with start-to-finish moving expertise.

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Tiger Moving & Storage is a family owned and operated moving company serving the Union, NJ area. We know that moving is demanding work, and we’re dedicated to helping our customers move as quickly and easily as possible. We have a wide variety of moving services available to fit your unique needs and our friendly moving experts will help you select which services are the right fit for you. Call now to find out more about hiring movers to help you at 888-227-6642.